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Friday, October 24, 2014

superior thread with feathers on leather ~

happy friday friends ~

glad to have put a bit of a 24-hour bug behind me, and show a project that's been on hold, but one i am anxious to pick back up and... finish!  

yup.  more feathers.  and they're on leather.  this is "faux leather" and a polyester based fabric.  so that means it is completely washable.

and i'm using magnifico thread by superior threads, and  lots of it, as this is a large piece, about 40-50" inches although i've not measured it... but it is a challenge to put this heavy material, and sandwiched as a quilt, under my machine and quilt these lines smoothly, but that's what a challenge is for!  and i hope to accomplish a beautiful complementary color design.  {that's my hope*}

blessings on your day!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

kraftex paper fabric ~

hi there ~

i've been playing with a new product {new to me} that has been on the market for probably a year or so.  when i first saw it, i wasn't that interested.  not so anymore!  i have been experimenting, and i like {more and more} the versatility of this crafty sewing base.

it's the same exact material that was the tag on my levi jeans all those {younger} years ago! extremely durable. washable, and sews, stamps, paints and embosses... like a breeze. enter into our craft and sewing supplies, the newest kraftex paper fabric. here are some ways i've been putting it through the paces:

 i ran this piece through my sizzix machine and embossed it, then lightly rubbed the embossed areas with an inkpad:
 kraftex comes in three colors: white, tan and navy.
 what am i going to do with it?  i'm going to make a bag {or two} ... i hope!  but it would be fun as a durable and creative journal cover on the mixed media journals i like to make.
 and i've painted it using silks acrylic glazes, and dabbed the paint through a stencil.  i like this idea... alot!

and i used that little piece of beauty, and loved stitching through it onto a substrate of felt, {using my triple straight stitch} and so i created a key fob:

 and i just plain old made a scribbly texture messy paint play on a piece of the white.  what shall i do with it?  don't know yet, but i'm thinking i'm going to emboss it first, and then we'll see where it goes!  one thing for sure i do know ~ it will be fun...
 and of course, it cuts fabulously with steel rule dies... look at those so-very-sturdy-snowflakes!  I'm thinking christmas coasters, stitching them to fabric.  why not?  they're totally washable.
 i saw that there was a book of projects too, {of course}. 
it looks like there are some very simple things one can do, but of course, the imagination always has intrigue for me! 

have you tried this new product yet?  if you have some links to other ideas or tips, i'd love to hear... just leave them in the comments section.

thanks for stopping in and have a brilliant thursday.

Friday, October 17, 2014

"northern night lights" ~ for superior threads


my oh my, where has the week gone?  wait ~ i remember. perfecting a buttermilk biscuit recipe... test driving a mid-arm quilting machine at a local quilt store {babylock}; studying isaiah, {i'm leading bible study and giving the messages for awhile!}, and i've joined a local gym to help alleviate joint {hip} pain issues, sending out orders from my etsy store, and besides enjoying our amazing october weather, i got out for some lunch with friends, and even {semi-enjoyed} grocery shopping!  whew.  am certainly loving retirement!

and... a great portion of time at the sewing machine.  now that's what i call a terrific week!  

i'm really honored to have been asked by superior to create this special piece, and very excited to show you my quilted rendition of "northern night lights" ~ a special commissioned piece for my favorite thread company:  superior threads!

approximately 20"x 34" in size, it began with a beautiful inspirational piece of hand dyed fabric that gave me the idea for the northern lights theme, dyed by the talented vicki welsh.

i hand painted additional colors, with silks acrylic glaze paints, added real silver leaf, and layers of bits of angelina fibers i melted together to create custom colors, as well as a strips of textiva film, and other accent pieces of hand dyed fabrics that were added to the base of the quilt fabric, all prior to quilting it.

i used quilters dream batting, 'dream orient' between two traditional layers.  no extra stabilizer. 

let me give you some other facts about this completely thread painted art quilt.  approximately 16+ jumbo bobbins from my bernina 830 were used;  about 13 different threads {at my last count ~ i may have missed some!}, and i think maybe 20-30 thread changes, as i went back and forth, looking, pausing, and adding thread colors here and there as i quilted along.  silver metallic, razzle dazzle, magnifico, masterpiece, and bottom line all made their way into this piece; size: 21"x 34."

how much time from start to finish?  about 50-60 hours.  and i loved every minute!
looking from the top down into the body of the quilt.

 the back side:  {i always love using bottom line in white, with all my silver metallic threads, especially in free motion.}
 yeah... lots of pics, and the weather was beautifully cooperative with no wind, and pretty sunlight, {although my last pic wasn't so great of the entire piece} and now it's time to pack it up and mail it off to superior threads where it will be in wonderful company i am sure!  {pun intended!} lol
thank you superior threads, it was an honor, and i give all the credit to our loving, and living Father Above.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Monday, October 13, 2014

a tuscan inspired sunflower quilt ~

morning salutations people!

ahhh... one more project off the sewing machine, and into the mail. this was a special commissioned piece, and i love how it turned out.  i put about twenty hours into this piece...  and it began with very basic sunflower shapes i drew, cutting them from vicki's hand dyed fabrics, and then adding brown velvet for the flower centers.  

then ~ time for some thread action!  free motion, bobbin play, and {lots} of quilting! {yay}  this was a very large piece by special request, at 55" long and 15" wide.

getting there... bit by bit, and stitch by stitch:

and completely finished:

{and the puppies we're anxiously waiting to see it too!} LOL 
finished with free motion couching, where i excitedly placed a beautiful hand dyed yarn, as well as another accent of flashy, and yet subtle "double framing" finish applying razzle dazzle thread on the inside edge, alongside the yarn, to complete the framed finish on this beautiful piece of artwork.

soli deo gloria!  
thanks for coming by!

Friday, October 10, 2014

takin' the high road to upper highwood creek ~

good morning glories ~  

if you've been reading this blog for very long, you know that i very much enjoy "getting out" into the gorgeous montana landscapes that are everywhere here!  

this is one of our favorite places... the highwood mountains, and the photos i took last weekend when we decided to take a little sunday drive detour on our way home from church.

oh for the love of a sweet autumn... via the road {somewhat} less travelled to upper highwood creek:
one has to catch autumn fast in the mountains, the bushes lose their leaves first, and then the cottonwoods...
there's nothing to compare to getting down low!  the view is  as spectacular down low as it is up higher... {except for a few thorns in my hand!}  lol

and... the "bridges of choteau county!"
and upper highwood creek, shining in the afternoon sun:

ahhh yes.  i could definitely live here:
all in God's good time... and glory alleluia.  amen.

have a wonderful autumn weekend!  i've got a few major projects to share, so we'll see ya back here on monday!!

blessings on your day!
soli deo gloria!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

autumn splendor ~ a hand painted quilt

good day ~ 

leaves... leaves... leaves!  always a fun, artistic motif to play with, especially this time of year.  and i have a gorgeous view in my imagination!

this is how it plays out:
first, i hand-painted the leaves with silks acrylic glaze paints. and i added free motion quilting in two motifs, tiny stippling and miniature feathers.  a bit of bobbin play for dimension, and sparkle, and well, because... it was really fun!  the top and bottom edges were cut wavy, and the sides are deliberately not perfectly straight... it is designed to be a table runner or a wall hanging.   
the stems of the leaves are couched with a very stiff, wirey metallic thread called "facets" i found when we were visiting in washington state. i purchased it at the quilting bee in spokane.

and i've been using this new quilters dream orient batting. {love!}  so smooth, and wonderful to quilt.

it's for sale in my etsy shop.  

thank you for taking time to stop by!  

blessings on your day

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