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Saturday, December 20, 2014

remembering mom ~ one year

dear friends ~

thinking of my dear mom today; one year today since she said hello to heaven, and made her final destiny to a beautiful house and a room specially prepared for her by the Lord.  i share with you my mom's legacy.  God bless.

Friday, December 19, 2014

christmas zinnia ~

good morning y'all ~

i've so enjoyed mixing up new modern fabric prints with this sweet new pattern i purchased recently ~ "zinnia." {click the zinnia link for the post and details of pattern}

so ~ who knew?  gray for christmas?  yup!  i love it!

what a fun background for christmas red and green.

i added to each piece, a sweet water label, for some design punch, and a very festive christmas touch. after quilting, i squared them up to sixteen inches. they are such a fun and beautiful possibility for decorating, but also of course, as placemats, if you wish.
love the snowman label!

and the car.  definitely a classic 60's theme {in my early growing up years!}
yup.  i love that gray and white mixed in christmas kind of feeling.  and i love straight lines... that aren't perfectly straight!  makes it much more fun to stitch, but even moreso, it's more visually interesting!  yay.

it's a very merry one!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

christmas plaid ~ april cornell fabrics

hey folks ~ greetings!

as i was tidying up a few weeks ago, i took some minutes to go through the ufo stack.  it's probably... about fifteen quilts deep.  this runner, just simply pieced squares has languished because i have just felt it was "blah."  so it goes! i decided it was past time to "just do it" and get it finished, regardless.

a time for everything {to be finished} in the winter sun ~ eh?


a very simple finish... quilting on the diagonal through each of the squares.  i think it lingered so long because i just wanted to do more... but the fabrics in this piece, from april cornell, really don't need much quilting, although that would have been fine in the end as well.   
the back is a sweet christmassy word print!
and no, i did not measure or draw a line.  i've sewn enough bindings on the diagonal, so while it may not be absolutely straight in each and every square... it's perfect for a finish, and ready to come out and play!

looks pretty on our dark dining room table, and a very festive one, too.

merry christmas days to you all.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

love came down ~

good morning ~

we've been trying to troubleshoot internet issues, but in the meantime, the sewing machine is revving up, and so today i show you a new piece i absolutely adore.

i adore it because it always makes my heart go pitter patter when i read it in the scriptures, and ... write it with needle and thread!

love came down ~ yes it did!
 i love writing {many of you know this}, and so to put it onto a christmas-inspired quilt, is truly pure joy for me!  and so, this idea came to my mind this year... last year i did something similar in a watercolor card. 

a little bit of free motion zig zag applique on the heart's edges, which were also fused with a fusible web.
{pardon the washed out bad light on the pic below} it is really a beautiful hand dyed piece of dark navy background fabric.

and a little sparkle with superior's "glitter" thread.  this is a "flat" thread, and HINT:  to make it work flawlessly, i turn my top tension down to 1.0 and i always use bottom line thread {also by superior threads} which is a 60 weight polyester for the bobbin.  then... a 90/14 titanium topstitch needle, and slow it down a bit, too!  

and i used magnifico 40 wt polyester in the top thread with white masterpiece 50 wt cotton for the writing.  of course, the same 90/14 topstitch needle is a joy to do this with!
and a scrappy little binding to top it off with a bit more color.  this particular quilt... i will leave the letters as they are, but it is a lot of fun to paint them, too!  hopefully, the internet and modem will work long enough to load them up for another post, soon!
Emmanuel ~ God With Us!

each... and every second of every day.
and His blessings on yours!

Monday, December 15, 2014

christmas stockings ~ wallhanging

a good morning glories ~

and a sweet finish for me, personally.  this is a quilted wall hanging i have been "after" for several years to complete! i know... i know.  we all have those stories, don't we.  although it has been pieced, it was cold and lonely without batting and a backing, and quilting, of course.  

and so this was the year!  awesome!  and i was motivated to actually get it at least quilted and bound, so we could enJOY it this Christmas year!

as you see in the photo below, it hangs on our dining room wall, and it's such a treat for me to look at it!

and i have more "finishing" touches to add {or at least i want to!} which means i'd like to add some embellishment!  beads to the trees for ornaments... sparkley threads to the stars, and whatever else... it may speak to me about.

Merry Christmas!  have a blessed day.

Friday, December 12, 2014

contemporary bliss ~ zinnia placemats

morning greetings all ~

when i find things i love, i just can't wait to dig in, and this pattern is no exception.  designed by the talented laura heine of fireworks in billings montana.  she is a vendor at many quilt shows, and i just happened to stop in her shop after her return from the houston quilt show, and all her samples were back in the store.  

her style really speaks to me... and today i'm showing how i used a slight adaptation of her 'zinnia' pattern, creating placemats.  i also am looking forward to putting together the blocks in a big quilt, too. and curtains.  and... perhaps a jacket, even!  yeah... i'm a little twitterpated about this one!

and i used my sweetwater labels, too.  they add an extra touch of unexpected charm on top of a colorful fused flower shape.  i love turning to my drawer of pre-fused and cut flower shapes from the gorgeous large prints that are everywhere nowadays.
no free motion here!  all straight line {kinda} quilting, and so relax... put on the walking foot, and zip along in both directions.  sweet!
this has also been a great exercise in understanding color value, and knowing that solids give the eye a place to rest, and varying fabric patterns creates exciting textural, as well as visual interest... and it's important not to get too fussy, but to just grab, place, and fuse! 

and those gray, black and white fabric neutrals also become a lovely way to showcase these jumbo flower petals.
cutting out these flower petals is like eating dessert... it's hard to stop with just one bite!  and the great thing is there is no guilt whatsoever!  having a stack of these petals is terrific therapy and playtime wrapped into one.  
i've never been crazy about working traditional puzzles, but give me some fabric, a petal shape, and well, i am in my own  little world of puzzle heaven. 
 the best kind!
this pattern would also be exciting to develop in a christmas fabric theme, too.  maybe next year?  {maybe... not}!

laura's shop is a must see and enjoy if you're ever in the billings area.  and you can order online, too.  i do love her contemporary style so much, and have enjoyed her creations for many years.  it's a joy to support the hard working small businessman and creative genius!

enJoy your day!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

so, and sew forth ~

oh... hello!

wow.  i'ts been a roller coaster of life lately; my younger brother had an emergency brain surgery, and then several shoulder surgeries to repair broken bones.  we are all so very thankful he is alive; it was a close call, and even better, he's getting a fresh start in his life, and doing well in his rehabilitation!

and... so, as many of you know, in a blink of an eye, it's christmas ...already!  

so... back at the ranch!  i had such a good time teaching at timeless quilts waaay back in november, in missoula!  and oh, how i loved getting back to teaching. it was a very full class, and we had a great time ~ can't wait to go back!

and of course, a bit of a road trip is always cause to take a break in a quilt shop {or two} along the road!  here are some of my exciting purchases:
a new embroidery collection from bernina, that i cannot wait to explore!  it's about time is said yes... and used my beautiful bernina 830 to get back into some embroidery!  i fell in love with the designs and i think they will transfer beautifully into many projects.  first on my list or the new year!
and one of my new loves; floriani thread!  LOVE!  this is so pretty, versatile, and i have been using it on a custom order, just finished recently.  will have to show you later, when i catch my breath!
it's a combo of polyester and rayon.  now, while rayon is not colorfast, i think in a blend, it will be much more practical, and of course, there's a beautiful sheen, and i love the twisty color combos.  a "must have" to try out!
and a piece of feather fabric!  just a yard.  what a fun print this is, and so very contemporary... just up  my alley!

and a great little batik print; who could resist those colors in early november?  everything about it is autumn, and so yes, i succumbed.  then another modern print made it's way into my hands.  {magic, i tell you!}  :)
and my eyes magically gravitated to this sue spargo pattern when i was in missoula {and on my way out the door ~ almost!}  it too, is magically in my possession!  i have no idea what an "envelope" is... but i have plans to turn it into either a bag, or a wall hanging... or who knows what?!
and some new quilting gloves.  these are definitely heavy duty, and the grip is strong, that's for sure.  so i will be putting them to the test shortly.

so, and "sew"... that's my kind of catching up!

and in case i forget to tell y'all...
i had a really great time!
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